Thursday, May 30, 2013


     Few days to go, schooling will start. I'm pretty sure mommies are busy preparing for it. As for me, despite of being super busy at work, I got to enroll Jopay and JP last last week. At the same day, we bought their school needs at National Bookstore. Kids were so excited. Naalala ko tuloy when we were young. Their bags are not new, they are still in good condition. I just bought them 3 pairs of socks each and still will use their old uniforms. Medyo tumangkad sila pero still kasya pa naman.
     Every night after work, I covered 2-3 books. Hindi ko talaga makaya ng isang upuan lang. :) And now, I think all were done! They are ready!! Yey!

Jopay's School Items. She preferred Hello Kitty for her notebooks and stickers (which I made)

While JP's preferred Adventure times for his notebooks and spongebob in his crayons and pencil case.
They also need to prepare for grooming kit.. I'm yet to complete them pala. I just bought them hand sanitizer.


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