Friday, December 2, 2011

GT: Something New

I'm back, (again!) I like this week's topic because my brain is actually having an exercise by recalling what happened this year 2011. And as far as I remember:

I've been reunited with my elementary classmates and adviser after 22 years.

I've got my new touch phone.

Had my hair rebonded..

Bought a 2nd hand car (for additional income).

Learned how to make siopao

Baked a perfect pandesal



  1. my amiga's life is getting better and better...I am so proud of you....

  2. Wow! I'd love to learn how to make asado siopao too! :-) And those pandesals look sooo yummy!

    Visiting for GT!
    Here's mine

  3. oh wow! i'm green with envy! i wished i learned to cook something new this year. huhu! i see you had a great 2011! good for you!