Friday, June 3, 2011

Pink Friday: Pink Bag & Shoes

Hi! Last friday I featured Jopay's uniform and this time, it's her bag and PE shoes plus her pink student handbook.

Her handbook now is pink while last year was white.

Her old PE shoes but still look as new who was given by her Ninang Verna after coming home from Dubai.

She has chosen a back pack now because her classroom will be on the 2nd floor. 
Goodbye to her old trolley bag. 

Happy Pink Friday everyone! Enjoy your week will be the start of our busy week again!



  1. Lovely shoes!

    My Pink entry is the meme I am hosting, hope you can join for the kick off of the Color Connection tomorrow (Saturday, June 4). Please join us, thanks!

  2. What a lovely bag and shoes! So girly!
    Here's my PF . Hope you can join us too at Keanna's meme Messy Go Round. Thanks and see you around!

  3. Ready for school. I bet she's so exited for the first day of school with all those pink stuffs

    I Am Magic is my entry for Pink Fridays.

  4. Lovely shoes and bag...

    please visit my PINK too:-)

  5. yes, she is really excited. actually, she's reading na her books and practice cursive writing...

    thanks for dropping!!!

  6. very girly stuffs....following you back sis...:-)

  7. everything in pink, really lovely! she will definitely enjoy using them, i bet she's excited to use it. anyway, all the best for her and wishing you a great weekend! :)

  8. wow i love the pink shoes! ;) It's alright if you sent the wrong reminds me of pink fridays ...i forgot this one :(

  9. wow i can't help but notice how beautiful your daughter is.. and those bag and shoes are so cute!! :) in answer to your question, not really sure what to call that flower in english but it's called "kanding2x" in our native tongue, Cebuano.returning the visit via PF sis!

  10. Wow, daming pink stuffs .. and your daughter is pretty :) Visiting u back!