Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm 5weeks pregnant

I've been absent in blogging for a week. First, I've been busy with my kids in preparing their things for school. Since I don't have a helper, I have done it all. (with the help of hubby, of course)
Second, busy with the shop. I've got many customers now unlike last school years. Many students have known that I make personalized sticker tag for notebooks and books.
And the highlight! I'm pregnant!!! From the first fews days of mens delay, I already thought I was pregnant. Unlike my previous pregnancies, I was having a little bleeding lately. That's why  me and hubby went to the doctor after I confirmed it through PT. I was a little worry because of the bleeding and kept thinking and wishing that It wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. I have read that once had an ectopic pregnancy has a greater chance to have it again. I had an transvi ultasound. It was a relief when my doctor told us that it wasn't an ectopic. . But she said that I need to take a rest for 2 weeks because I was having a bleeding. She gave me vitamins and a medicine to stop the bleeding and to prevent miscarriage. My baby is now on going to 6th week.

It was really a major change in our life. All we previously planned were already changed with much more better moves. And for the coming addition to our family, is such a wonderful blessing!



  1. mars....you know im always behind you, no matter what...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  2. thank u mars! friends for life! mwah!

  3. congratulations, congratulations, congratulation....