Saturday, June 4, 2011

Colorful Weekend no2: Gifts

It's colorful weekend again! I have here pictures of Jopay's gifts she received during her 7th birthday!

She liked it all!

With her second cousins...

Have a colorful weekend! 



  1. wow she got plenty of presents :)
    Thanks for visiting me :)

  2. wow daming gifts!!! thanks for the visit:)

  3. wow! daming gift!
    Visiting from Colorful Weekend.. Here is my
    Colorful weekend entry...
    Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme this Tuesday sis..Have a nice day!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of gifts.., Your week has been colorful and interesting. Visiting you here through Colorful Weekend. Mine is up - <a href=">My Colorful Weekend</a>.

  5. Great site!

    Dropping by via TBE.
    Followed you through GFC as well.
    Hope you can drop by my site too!

  6. Jopay is 7 already? Wow, how time flies. And looky at all those presents! What a colorful haul. Thanks Jannet for adding this splash of color to Colorful Weekend! Another weekend is up... hope you party with me again!

  7. May, she's turning 9 this coming december... tha picture was just taken when she celebrated her 7th birthdat! thanks for dropping by!