Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Messy Go JP

Pahabol... I found this picture at my Friendster account while making a backup. I can't help but laugh while looking at this picture. He was 2 year old that time, (he is now 4). Game pa sya magpakuha ng picture!



  1. HAHAH that is so cute! but actually here in thailand sis, it is very common that you see kids looking like this. this is to combat the heat kasi sobrang init dito! at first i thought it was weird but nasanay na rin ako! thanks for the visit!

  2. Messy but still manage to be cute pa rin. :)

  3. espasol? hehe! Ang cute..Ate Keanna has a photo na ganito din, I'll share it as soon as I find it. Hehe! Thanks for joining!