Sunday, May 22, 2011

how to speed up your computer

Have you ever experienced your computer running so slow? It is really annoying, isn’t it? Especially, if you are excited posting an article in blog, or uploading pictures in FB then suddenly it freezes. There are several reasons why it happens, computer might have been loaded several files that not in use anymore, might be affected by a virus or malware, or simply have errors that you don’t know where it comes from.
I have known an immediate solution about this. IObit ASC V4 is free computer clean up software that immediately cleans and speed up your computer. It is the upgraded version of IObit ASC V3 which has more features than the later one. It is free to try and ready to use. This software can eliminate files that are not in use anymore which makes the PC running slow. Rather than manually deleting it, IObit ASC V4 will take care of everything. Aside from that, it can detect and protect from harmful viruses and malwares, speed up your PC and  make it like it’s newly bought. This free computer cleanup will surely give a much better performance on your PC and goodbye to computer errors that commonly occurs. 



  1. nice info.. ipabasa ko yan sa mga kids ko para magawa nila dto..:)