Thursday, May 12, 2011

GT: Favorite Summer Outfit

It’s Girl’s talk once again…Happy GT!
For this week topic,  I actually don’t have a particular favorite summer outfit but I often wear sleeveless and shorts during this season. 

This picture is me and BFF’s swimming last year. 

They were my highschool barkada... my kumares...and my bestfriends!!!
I'm the one in black.. camera shy ako eh! :D



  1. HI jannet, I think the most favored so far... perfect outfit.. was here for gt.. hopeyou can drop by.

  2. Its really good to bond some friends, so much fun things would happen I'm sure. Mine is up and its
    Anne’s Sweet Life, thanks!

  3. now i missed my friends..

    Hope You can come and visit my Summer Outfit

  4. Sleeveless and short is a perfect outfit to feel comfy on summer days.

  5. nice shot you have there with your friends. pero oo nga camera shy ikaw. hihihi.

  6. now ko lang to nakita mars, i'm so happy that you have this kind of blog, i'm so proud of you...