Monday, May 9, 2011

Choosing a Printer

Single-function inkjet

For those who didn't know, my business is Computer Rental and Printing services. At first, it is just computer rental and printing. Later on, people are looking for scan and photo to be printed. I make invitations, print photos and documents, Scan picture and photo copy. Most of my income comes from printing.

One of the most important things to consider is to have a good printer. There are many ways to consider in buying one:

First, look for the brand. What brand is suitable for you?
  • If you're a student, there are types of printers that print everyday text like hands outs, reviewers or projects.
  • Photo lovers who want their pictures to be printed and displayed, there are types of printers that optimize photos.
  • There are also type of printer that suitable for offices because it's high speed prints and lower cost up to 50%. To save a space for small offices. Printers with photocopy and fax is perfect.
Second, Type of a printer. What do you need? There's a Laser type and Ink Jet type. Laser type prints faster, otherwise Ink Jet printer prints less speed to produce more quality output. There's also all in one printed with scanner, copier or fax which saves not only money, but space. As for me,who have a business, I might consider to buy a printer with scanner, photocopy and fax.

And lastly, look for great offers.

Consider this HP all-in-one Printer like I am using now. It is user-friendly and Easy to use. No wonder my customers keep coming back because I gave them a satisfactory services with the help of this printer.


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