Monday, May 16, 2011

Amazifier, a new photo editing software

I am fond of editing pictures.  I like to enhance my photos by adding some stickers and frame to it. I like to blend them with some dusty or shine effects to make it more vibrant. Sometimes, I dig my old photos, enhance it and share it through FB or print it and display. My children like it. In fact, I encourage my daughter to do it also and she liked it. We find it as a perfect bond for us! Lately, I found this easy and fun photo editing software called Amazifier. I found it cool and you too can download and try it now. It has many features to offer. From basic editing like cropping and blending its color to retouching damaged photos and enhance until you get the desired outcome or result.  You can add effects to your photos by using different brushes; add frames, stickers and other cute clip arts. It is also perfect for making greeting cards for birthdays or even just a simple hello card because it has variety of clipart collections.
For some level up features, you can use the promo code and get a free upgrade.
Have fun editing photos, learn more about amazifier and you will get amaze with the result. Promise!


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