Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Invitations using adobe photoshop

Invitation using adobe photoshop

Knowing how to work with adobe photoshop is one of my greatest achievements. it's kinda hard but rewarding afterwards. i spend amount of time in reading and watching the tutorials until I finally I got the right blending and matching of photos and background. it also took lots of patience and hard works for me.

During summer vacation, no more school projects. no printing job.. less income!

Fortunately, being able to make invitations using this photoshop help me a lot during this season. Wedding and Baptismal often occurs this time.

when i do invitation the things i ask:

  • Occassion 
  • Motif/themes - preferred by the customers.In the  wedding it's very important. theme also is very important in a birthday celebration unlike baptismal. if it's a girl, we all know that it's pink and blue for a boy. I mostly do the background.
  • Name of the Celebrant - correct spelling is important.
  • Date and Time  - precise date and time should be acquired. 
  • Church and Reception Area - I ask the exact address of the reception.
  • Photo - if the invitation is wedding, i normally suggest for a big resolution of their pictures saved in a USB flash drive (taken in studio). Other customers want their baby's picture taken here. (I only have a digicam, hoping to have a DLSR someday! ^^)
  • contact no. - i ask their contact number for future questions....
here are some samples of  invitations I've done:

 wedding invitation for guests only 
a first birthday invitation 

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