Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

It is exactly 2 years since I had an Ectopic pregnancy, we should have a  third child.

I was able to retrieved my blog 2 years ago and wanted to share:

Dated April 23, 2009

"a week ago, i was excited when i found out that i was pregnant.. it was unexpected, not in the plan but felt very blessed.
and it was very different from my previous pregnancies…
i felt lots of pain at my back,  stomach and chest. i immediately thought there was something unusual. after the night i knew i was pregnant (12am when i had a pregnancy test) the pain became worsened and can’t bear to stand or walk. i called my ob-gyne, Dra. Evelyn Lao and told about my situation. she advised me to go to a nearest clinic to make an appropriate remedy for my situation..but, i want her to take care of me. so, hubby took me there. when i told my doctor all what is happenning to me, she told me that i was having an ectopic pregnancy and needed an immediate operation. to be sure, i was given a referral for a transvi ultrasound to the nearest hospital. confirmed! the sonographer (dra. Mavic of Sto nino Hosp) worried about my situation. i loss lots of blood, the fallopian tube was already ruptured and may baby…did not survived. i knew it will never survive!
we’re not ready… we did’t have any idea that from that day i will be confined and had an operation… need a blood transfusion… and goes..
i survived… i lost my baby! 
i survived.. because of my faith to God and because of the prayers of the people who love me.
it was unexpected..not in the plan…but felt very blessed… that i survived."

my 3rd pregnancy test kit still with me

Another heartbreak for me when I knew my OB Gyne Dra. Evelyn Lao passed away a week ago...


  1. Aww... Death of a friend. Truly sad news. :(

    Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan.. and I'm sure, you're baby is with Him, as we speak.

    Cheer up. :)

  2. thanks! I just let God do whatever His plans for me..

  3. This is really sad. But in God's perfect you will surely have another baby. Cheer up!

  4. thanks for visiting my site and also for your comments on my post about my miscarriage.

    I also had an ectopic pregnancy six months ago (three months before I got pregnant on my miscarriage a week ago). It is a disheartening experience to experience two unsuccessful pregnancies. Actually the last one was more painful (emotionally) since I saw the little embryo on the clot of blood that my body expelled.
    God sometimes does not grant what we ask for, for He has better plans for us. (^^)