Friday, March 11, 2011

so happy

lately, . me and my elementary classmates have been exchanging messages and constantly chatting with each other  at facebook. we reminisce the past and the unforgettable moments being friends and classmates. Nineteen hundred and eighty nine to be noted. that's the year we graduated and that year i confess, had tons of  memories to treasure. until, we finally decided to meet each other, took the chance that all were not busy with their works. that was january 2. out of 40 something, almost a  half of it were able to come. but i think it was fun and the whole day was filled with chatting, playing and eating.

it is so amazing how facebook made friends from different side of the world talked and met after a long long years. i felt so greatful being met them personally again and exchanged memory from the past and the present. it makes me feel young. it is so great to be reunited with old friends again! really!

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