Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Vita Plus...So Full of Life!

Vitaplus health drink really works for our family. i am confident that it really helps eliminate disease and illness. from our own experience, we can share testimonials that may help others know the benefits of this wonder drink.

i am now a registered dealer. since our family uses first vitaplus juice drink, i preferred to be a dealer to get discounts and save a lot. the registration fee is 7,699 pesos and i already had the power pack along with me,ready to use and ready to sell. my first client was my lola who had an eczema in her leg. she was not a believer at first but i convinced her to drink it after showing her the story of a teacher who had the same condition that i printed from the site that can be seen in testimonial section. after a week, she has seen the good effect and really convinced. she even helped me advertise the vitaplus in our neighbors telling her stories about the wonder drink.
two years ago, my mother suffered from blurred vision, a complication of her diabetes. the ophthalmologist suggested to her that she needs to undergo laser treatment  to remove the clotted blood in her eyes. she was very afraid then and worried she might can't see anymore after the laser treatment. a friend of her introduced the vitaplus and after weeks of drinking, she felt a lot of improvement and can see clearer.
that time i was busy with my business and unintentionally ignored the wonders of vitaplus and the possible earnings if register as a dealer.. and now here i am.. giving a lot of effort to tell everyone the wonders of this product. how it can cure illnesses and how it can change the life of someone.

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