Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i don't know. but i found myself getting hooked with the new pinoy big brother's famous couple. it's unusual for me to follow any celebrity's updates and whereabouts. i find it waste of time but wow! i even created a twitter account  just for MELASON...just to get updated. i even signed up and became a member of their own fan website. i love them! they are just being what you see is what you get! i really can't explain.
MELASON - for Melai + Jason. i really can't explain further what i feel.. (Nalason ako!)

i watch their moments at youtube because i missed the episodes of PBB in tv. i never failed to read articles about them, even their appearance in tv shows of ABSCBN. whoa! i'm now a certified MELASON addict.

(credits to the uploader)

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