Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's me

hi! i'm jannet. a bulakenya. i'm 33 yrs. old and married for almost 10years. i have two kids, a 7 year old girl and a 3 and half year old super likot boy.
i would say i'm just a simple mom and a simple wife.. got no make up when out or no too much accessories to wear. i stay here in our house looking after my kids and at the same time working in our own business - a small computer rental built in our garage.
during my childhood days.. happy but full of difficulties. i grew up with my lolo and lola and a tita whose working for us. i am the eldest apo in the family of my nanay's side. maybe that's the reason why i was with them... until now with my lola. my lolo had just past away 9 years ago..
at very young age, i was able to help my lola in her work. though before, child labor law was not an issue to us, i tried to earn money in my own little ways. i still remember when me and my friend were working in a big sampaguita plantation. we were there at the place before the sun shines. while working, i was also able to obtain high grades during my elementary days. i was even held as a valedictorian from grade 1 to grade 5. i fell to 1st honorable mention when i graduated from grade 6 because i was a transferee then.
my highschool days were really  memorable for me. they say high school years is the best and the most memorable one. why? for me because this was the time i met my real friends..my best friends that until now i possessed. and during these years i had felt a kilig moments with the boys. crushes. secrets.
college life for me is independence.. i studied in CEU with the course of MassComm major in Journalism. i was a bed spacer at quiapo with my cousins. this was also the time that i had boyfriends.
and now... it's me!

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